3 Tips on National Simplicity Day

Live Simply

National Simplicity Day is something I can get behind.

The message is simple. Take a break, savour the simple things, and declutter–both mind and matter!

I think this is an especially important idea to proactively and consciously practice in our culture that is so driven by consumerism. Even a glance around my own house from my couch shows a few things I never use–certainly that I don’t need–and have been meaning to get rid of. More stuff means more to clean, look after, and keep up–it does not mean more meaningful relationships with family or friends, more purpose to my life, or more self worth. Simplify.

Here are my favourite few practical tips on living a little more simply.

1. Declutter

This is my favourite thing next to organizing. Clutter makes me feel closed in when my home is full of knick-knacks, things stuffed haphazardly into boxes, or when my closet is stuffed with yet more things waited to be sorted into other spaces that have places for the things. Ask yourself what’s really important to you. You probably won’t miss it when it’s gone.

Go through your closet and donate what you don’t regularly wear to Goodwill. Same goes for extra kitchen/office/basement junk you’re saving for some reason. Have you used it in the last three months? If not (and it’s not seasonal) then think about giving it away to someone who might need it more.

2. Pause and be present

You’ve heard it again and again; put the screen away (especially if you’re just using it to mindlessly scroll through social media to while away meaningless hours of your boring existence before bedtime drags you into the next work day.) It’s refreshing to not worry about posting on Twitter or Instagram, or getting frustrated at that dumb article someone posted. Instead, pick up a book, have a conversation with a friend, or take a walk and enjoy nature, or simply observe the flow of the street around you. Pay attention.

Yet another boring night after work can turn into something much more meaningful.

3. Hobby time

Are you a creative soul, or have that one activity that makes you feel relaxed and purposeful? Give yourself the time to do it. Set up your art supplies, take that project out to the garage, find a lake. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to have time away from doing chores, planning lists of to-do’s, weeding–it can wait. Your hobbies are usually what give you that injection of feeling ‘yourself’ and drain the stress way down.

Get rid of your life junk. Whether that’s an over-stuffed closet or a jumble of meaningless tasks glugging into your stress meter. They don’t add value to your life. Find the few things that are special to you and cultivate that time and those relationships. It feels so much more rewarding and calm when you do.

Live simply, my friends.


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