Supper in a Box: Trialing Chefs Plate

I tend to ignore the flashy Facebook ads running pictures of mattresses in a box or meals delivered to your door. What caught my interest in Chefs Plate was excited conversation in a boardroom, from a coworker, who was sick of grocery shopping.

Now, I am a frugal person (unless it comes to books), so I didn’t dash online to order right away. I looked up reviews, read other people’s experiences, and then found something that clinched it. A coupon! With coupon code loaded, I started the process. I even have a coupon code to pass on, right at the bottom of this post.


Chefs Plate gives you lots of choice. You can choose either a two person or family plan (we chose for two). Each week has a different menu with many meat options (chicken, beef, pork, seafood) or vegetarian, and they let you see the menu for two weeks out. And the options aren’t simple casserole,s folks. These are delicious looking, intriguing, healthy plates I had trouble picking between. After you’ve picked your meals, you give them your postal code to make sure they can deliver to you, pick which day you want the food delivered (either Tuesday or Friday) and send your monies. Don’t worry–you don’t even have to be home to sign for the food.

For our trial meals, we ordered Paprika Chicken with orzo, feta, and spinach, as well as Gaucamole Turkey Burgers. Husband approved.

As promised, I found a cardboard box of food on my porch when I got home from work on Tuesday. Then I unpacked the goodies! The box is refrigerated and has ice packs so everything stays cool–it’s all recyclable too.

Because we ordered two meals, there were two bags of packed foodables, with each packet of spices, bag of lettuce, or cup of feta individually packaged and labelled.



Very handy.

Then we set up the colourfully printed recipe card, with follow-along pictures and instructions, and got to cooking.

Yes, it’s blurry. Yes, I may have been too absorbed in dreaming of this delightful dinner than thinking of taking good pictures.

I mean, look at that cooking! Bright tomatoes and boiling orzo? So great. I didn’t even know what orzo was before this (like rice basically).


Both this dinner (and the turkey burgers I have zero pictures of but were stacked with juicy, guacamole with a side of crispy, freshly juiced lime-iness) turned out spectacularly. The produce was fresh. The meat was delicious and juicy. The spices had true flavour to them. This was good good food. True to time listed, both meals took no more than 30 minutes from start to finish, and was not difficult in the least. The recipe card label both as ‘easy’ cooking difficulty.


The paprika chicken, garnished with sliced almonds.

We ended up even having leftovers, not necessarily of the mains (two people=two burgers, but I was more than full), but of the shallots, the lettuce, the avocado. We didn’t use all the sides, so I had fun extras to play with for leftover nights.

Overall, I’d do this again. Not often, but as a treat that saves shopping time. And it’s still cheaper than eating out.  Full price for two people with two suppers is $49.80 including the delivery fee (if you pick three meals, delivery is free). Totally up to your family what’s worth your time and what you can afford.

But I can help you with the cost! If you use my referral link, you get the first 3 plates for free (=one and a half free suppers). 

Full disclosure, if you use this link, I also get one supper coupon.

Anyone else try this? Or use my link if you’re curious and get a taste of it for cheap.