Book Review: The Vagrant


5 / 5

A stunning journey through a devastated world with a mute man, a baby, and a goat.

Depravity is pitted against virtue as the Vagrant, a mysterious mute man with a baby in hand and a goat in tow, struggles against demon-invaders and humans alike. He must reach the Shining City, the last pure city left standing, to deliver a deadly weapon that could save humanity. But the demon forces are on the hunt. And humanity can be just as inhuman.

The Vagrant’s journey seeks to scrape raw your human sense of love, generosity, and kindness. Each interaction is a risk, a gamble, a battle. And just when you think you might snap, therein enters the goat for a snappy bit of humour or a sly smile. Newman’s writing is beautifully wrought and wrenchingly grotesque. The characters are layered, complex, and hilarious. The plot takes you step-by-step through towns, cities, and memories that linger long in your mind afterwards, like twining smoke.

The book was a 400-page, relatively quick, satisfying read. Both myself and my husband read it within a week, were glued to the pacing, and are hungry for the next book. The second novel, The Malice, is due to release May 19!

Pick this book up for incredibly rich writing, a twisted take on an apocalypse, and the degradation of human nature. Highly recommended.


“Stick-like people and bloated flies gather in the twilight, both drawn to the still warm corpse of the Dogspawn. By morning they have picked the bones clean. By afternoon half of the people have died, their stomachs unable to accept the rich meat. By evening their skeletons are bartered over by Necrotraders.

In New Horizon nothing is wasted.”



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